About us


Year 1954
Grandfather Radosav from southern Serbia, the territory of the municipality of Crna Trava from Donja Gara district, son mother Stojanka and father Dušan, also a master woodworker, moves with his wife Cana and their sons Stojadin and Dragoslav in order to move the family to central Serbia and ensure a better future. In Ćuprija he rents a house moves his family there. New in the new city, he does not manage to find his way, but decides to find his own way of profiting He was moving across the entire Yugoslavia, from village to village, from house to house, knocking on doors, in order to provide services of his craft to people. Until 1958 he succeeds in gathering some money, buys a piece of land in the neighborhood and builds on it a small house and the first woodwork shop in the territory of the municipality of Ćuprija, even beyond. In this way he ensures the wellbeing of his family and in the following years slowly develops their business as they live in, so to say, a working harmony, because the grandfather Radosav is a man who has, beside gained opportunities for a comfortable life, even then then remained a great worker and a man who has still worked and loved his job.

And so it was until August 1986, when due to sudden health problems, he leaves his shop and dies after a few weeks in Ćuprija hospital.

We mourn this man in honor, because for us, the moment we had the opportunity to know him will be eternal. I would like to make generations which came after him feel the intensity of his work and the significance of his existence for us and our generation through this text.

Year 1987
Sons of grandfather Radosav, as the world knows them by their nicknames, Dice and Goce, besides being temporarily employed in France, they were hiring people, master woodworkers, in order to continue the tradition and maintain the shop. Goce, the younger brother, joins the production, and marketing of goods was run by older brother Dice. Radosav’s grandson also came aboard, but only for a short while. Production of barrels was doing well, but during that time the Yugoslav market was not sufficiently developed. Due to the war crisis that followed a decision was made that the shop be closed.

Year 1991
The older son of grandfather Radosav, the co-owner of the today’s company, Stojadin Spasić, is definitely leaving temporary work in France opens a sole trade business near the green market, “Daca 1”, where he employs his entire family. Later occurred some difficult years for our entire nation, but also for us. Civil war erupts in Yugoslavia. During inflation the store barely maintained its profit. Hoping to increase supply, “Daca 2” is being opened.

During this period the Spasić family did not work with wood. According to what grandfather Radosav, who learned crafting from his father, and his father from his father and so on, woodworking history of the Spasić family dates back to the nineteenth century.


Year 1995
Stojadin and Žak Spasić, father and son, established today’s company “Tehnopromet” Ltd. As part of the newly established company, stores “Daca 1” and “Daca 2” unite and open as a hardware store.

Year 1996
The business owners lease a piece of land from the railway company on which they open a warehouse for building material marketing. Then, for the first time, the company is registered for import-export business and begins importing sawn timber from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Year 1999
With minimal investments in materials and equipment, work with material for making furniture begins as an experiment.

Year 2002
Investments are being made in transport, i.e. trucks and forklifts, so the company becomes independent when it comes to transport of goods from the supplier and to the customer, and by obtaining the license for international transport the company engages into providing the same services for a third party.

Year 2004
Due to the improvements of the quality of service, the service was improved by introducing new machines for cutting and edging of panel boards.

During these years work has been maintained at a constant level. The company restores itself and invests in machinery and vehicles. The supplies of goods have increased to a level allowed by available space.

Year 2010
As a result of faith in increasing of traffic, improvement of working conditions and possible expansion of activities, the decision was made that the family capital, which has been acquired throughout generations, is invested in the construction of a new complex of office buildings.

These are very difficult years in the history of the company since the work was focused on the implementation of the construction plan.

Year 2015
In the middle of the summer, for less than a week, the entire stock of goods, materials, panel boards, furniture fittings store, machinery, tools, vehicles, office furniture, accounting, archives and more, were moved to the new location where the firm, without cessation of activities, continues to work. The range of goods has been increased and the customers could use a showroom, investments in machines are done and the employees are given better working conditions, thus improving the quality of all types of services.

As a result, new jobs are created, new markets, new contracts have been signed, the number of customers and company friends had been increased and the production of furniture is moving toward the French and the domestic market.

Year 2016
During 2016 our company held a series of successful presentations of some of the most global renowned brands. Our customers were then introduced only with the history of the companies whose materials they use, but also with new trends and solutions in the area of furniture manufacture and production.

The presentations clearly show how to install, assemble and adjust the fittings. Customers are brought closer to new trends and examples of adapting the colors and structure of panel boards.
We are proud because we have successfully represented to our customers the companies “HAFELE”, “BLUM” as well as “KRONOSPAN”, “FALCO”, “EGGER” ….

We are pleased to be hosts to such gatherings and our wish is for this kind of cooperation to continue.

With the increasing demand for certain product range and in order to be competitive in the market, we will start with import of products from aluminum, PVC and ABS materials from Turkey.

If you have any questions, we will answer you as soon as possible.