The sheet material

The sheet material

We have a large selection of sheet material. These include refined chipboard, worktops, acrylic sheets, MDF and HDF boards/sheets, veneered boards, raw chipboard, OSB, etc.

Refined chipboard is a material obtained by refining of raw chipboard using melamine paper. These can be found in a variety of dimensions and formats. It represents one of the basic materials for construction and production of furniture and interior design.

Worktops are materials that are created when the raw chipboard is refined with laminate. It is also produced in various dimensions and formats. They can be used for all surfaces that require high durability and longevity of the surface layer.

Acrylic plate are created by pressing multi-layered coextruded polymer materials on MDF or chipboard, which are made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Exactly because they were produced in this way is because there are numerous advantages of acrylic sheets with respect to painted (lacquered) MDF: uniformed color intensity across the board/sheet, better quality of the plate.

MDF is a raw fibreboard of medium-density and a fine, flat surface. Homogenized middle layer of the board allows many applications and final/finishing options. MDF board can be refined using melamine paper, laminate, or other type of material.

HDF board is homogeneous raw fibreboard of extremely high density, smooth and hard surface, high strength and stability. Thanks to these properties it is suitable for cutting, drilling, painting and the like.

VENEERED PANELS are raw carrier panels (made from various types of materials) of raw chipboard, MDF, HDF, panels and similar, all refined with a genuine veneer on both sides. VENEERED PANELS replaces solid wood (massif) very successfully. Construction of furniture can be simplified significantly using the veneered materials.

RAW CHIPBOARD is the basic plate material made of wood. It is characterized by a stable sturdiness and a fine surface structure. It is used in all areas, from industry to furniture production.

OSB is a flat, high density three-ply panel made of oriented structured wood chip. This specific orientation of chips in the direction towards the edges allows for exceptional technical properties and characteristics and a very good inherent stability. It is used in wet environment.

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